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stds-802-16: reminder: MAC and PHY Proposal Deadline of October 29

Please remember the October 29 deadline to submit MAC and PHY proposals for consideration at Session #4. Note the following points:

-Only contributors to Session #4 will be eligible for invitation to submit a contribution to Session #5.

-Contributions will be considered only if submitted using Revision 4 or higher of the 802.16 Document Submission Template (Rev. 6 is posted as <http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/docs/802_16_template.doc>). The template requires a cover page and a narrative. A bullet-list format may be suitable for the presentation itself but is NOT appropriate for the submitted contribution.

-Both the MAC and the PHY Call for Contributions provide guidelines that require responses on specific issues. At this initial stage, detailed contributions are not expected. Detail beyond that requested in the Call for Contributions is NOT a substitute for direct responses to the guideline items listed there.

-Submissions that ignore the requirements of the Call for Contributions may be ruled out of order for presentation at Session #4.

For submission details, see:


or download the Call for Contributions:



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <mailto:marks@nist.gov>           
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access
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