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stds-802-16: SysReq Draft 5, Last chance!

SysReq Colleges,
Immediately following Session #2 in August, we sent out Draft 4 of our
document, and we accepted comments on it until August 31. We then held a
successful on-line comment resolution process. All of you had the opportunity
to vote on each comment via email. All of the comments were resolved.
During Session #3 in September, an ad hoc QoS and Terminology
committees resolved several outstanding issues that had been unresolved in
Session #2; the recommendations of these ad hoc committees were accepted
by the Task Group. Now we have published Draft 5, which incorporates both
the results of the on-line comment resolution and the ad hoc committee recommendations. The new draft 5 document and call-for-comments are available on the Web site.



We will have one last round of email comments on draft 5 before the meeting
in Hawaii. Anyone who wants to make a change to Draft 5 is welcome to
recommend it until November 3. Please review the draft and submit your comment by the November 3 rd deadline.

In order to keep the PHY and MAC processes on schedule, it is vital that we
complete a System Requirements document for approval by the Working
Group at Session #5. In order to make this schedule, the current phase of
comments on Draft 5, ending on November 3, will be the FINAL ROUND of open
comments that the SysReq Task Group will accept. Afterwards, I will rule out
of order any discussion except that addressing the comments already accepted by  the November 3rd deadline.

Here is the SysReq Task Group plan following November 3 rd:

1) The System Requirements Task Group will meet on
Monday afternoon, November 8, 1999 in Hawaii.
2) This is the last round of open comments!
3) The SysReq task group needs to resolve all open comments during this
meeting. The meeting will start about 2:30. We have until 8:00 AM the next
morning to resolve ALL comments.
3) At the end of this meeting we will have a vote to take our document to
802.16 working group as a draft document.
4) The 802.16 working group should move to accept the document at the
closing plenary on  Nov. 11.
5) Further revisions of the SysReq document may be made following the
November session, with approval of 802.16.
6) The editor may make formatting changes after Nov. 11.

We would like to finalize our document at the next meeting. Please come to
the next meeting with solutions not problems!

Best regards

George Fishel
Chair 802.16
SysReq Task Group