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stds-802-16: Pre-registration deadline for Session #4 is tomorrow

Tomorrow is the deadline to register for 802.16 Session #4 (November 
8-11 in Kauai, Hawaii) at the $250 rate. After October 27, the rate 
goes to $300.

The easiest way to register is by email to 802info@ieee.org 
<mailto:802info@ieee.org>. Simply customize and send the form below.

See the meeting web page 
<http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/meetings/mtg04> for meeting 
details, including links to local information sites. I have recently added titles for the 802 evening tutorials.


Last_Name: Marks
First_Name(s): Roger B.
Badge_Name: Roger
Working_Group_Interest(s): 802.16
Company_Name: NIST
Mail_Address: 325 Broadway, MC 813.00
City: Boulder
State/Province: CO
Country: USA
Postal_Code: 80303
Telephone: +1-303-497-3037
Fax: +1-303-497-7828
E-mail: marks@nist.gov
Payment ($250 US) by (choose one):
[X] Credit Card On File.
[ ] Credit Card enclosed:
Card #: ____________________ Expiry Date: __________
Please keep my Credit Card Info on file for future use: [X]-Yes  [ ]-No