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stds-802-16: 802.16.1 Invitation to Contribute (Session #5) Published

The following Invitation to Contribute has been published:

802.16.1 Invitation to Contribute: Session #5 (IEEE 802.16-99/14)

The document contains lists of people who are invited to contribute 
to Session #5 based on their MAC or PHY contribution at Session #4. I 
will also notify those people directly. The document also specifies 
the process by which uninvited contributions may be considered.

The Invitation to Contribute covers both MAC and PHY contributions. 
It refers specifically to the Evaluation Tables upon which the MAC 
and PHY contributions will be scored. These Tables are newly 

802.16.1 Medium Access Control Task Group
Evaluation Table - Session #5 (IEEE 802.16m-99/03)

802.16.1 Physical Layer Task Group
Evaluation Table - Session #5 (IEEE 802.16p-99/03)