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stds-802-16: MAC and PHY balloting for non-voters


At our Nov. 8-11 session (#4), we  scored MAC and PHY proposals in several
categories.  Although the scoring was open only to 802.16 voting members, there
was some interest in collecting scores from non-members as well and publishing
non-binding "informational" results.  Whether or not you are a member, if you
would like to express your
opinion by submitting scores for MAC and/or PHY proposals received at
session #4, you may do so by following these instructions:

Obtain the session #4 MAC and PHY contributions from the following "agenda" web


Obtain the MAC and PHY scoring spreadsheets (MS-Excel files):


You will open each spreadsheet, enter your scores, your name, click "submit" and
send in 2 files, one for MAC and one for PHY.  Submit the files to
brian_petry@3com.com by 5:00 PM, Pacific time, December 10 (Friday).  Here are
some further instructions:

-When you open the spreadsheet, make sure you enable macros by clicking on the
appropriate button.

-Enter your scores for each category of each proposal.

-Note that the spreadsheet implements automatic score scaling if you enter a
category's scores with a "high" deviation among proposals.

-When you are SURE you are finished scoring, click on the "submit scores" tab at
the bottom of the screen.  This brings you to another page of the spreadsheet.

-In the "submit scores" page, be sure to enter your name, overwriting "First
Name" and "Last Name" in the appropriate locations.

-Optionally, you may enter comments regarding the scoring process: feedback for
next time.

-Click on the large "submit" button to the right of the score matrix.  This
automatically saves the spreadsheet, and a "comma-separated version" (csv) of
the spreadsheet which you will then email to me.  The name of the file will be
of the form "Lastname_mac.csv" or "Lastname_phy.csv".

-Note that the "submit" button has the annoying side effect of renaming the
spreadsheet workspace to the "csv" file name, so:

-Close the spreadsheet or exit Excel, without saving.  A dialog box should
appear that complains the speadsheet is not in Excel format and asks if you want
to save it Excel format.  Answer "no" to close without saving.

-Find the ".csv" file(s) and mail them to brian_petry@3com.com by 5 PM Pacific
Time, December 10 (Friday).

That's it.  We will publish summary statistics only, withought disclosing
individuals' scores, as in the document 802.16-99/13.  If you have any questions
or problems, please feel free to contact me by email or voice (858-674-8533).

Best Regards,

Brian Petry