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stds-802-16: 802.15 Sponsor Ballot Pool

This email is being sent to solicit your interest in joining the 
802.15 Sponsor Ballot pool. 802.15 is currently working on a draft 
standard based on the Bluetooth specification.

For those of you who are not familiar with the IEEE Standards 
process,  once a draft standard has been approved by the Working 
Group,  it is forwarded to the 802 Executive Committee for approval 
and to begin the Sponsor Ballot process.  The participants in the 
Sponsor Ballot are invited to join from people who are members of the 
Sponsor Ballot pool. The goal is to achieve a Sponsor Ballot Group 
which is a balanced representation of people having interest in 
Wireless Personal Area Networks and allow this group the ability to 
continue to ballot on the technical validity of the proposed 
standard-post working group.  In order to be eligible to participate 
in the Sponsor Ballot, you must become a member of the Sponsor Ballot 
pool.  The form to join can be found at 
http://standards.ieee.org/db/balloting/ballotform.html .  Be sure to 
check the box for 802.15.

Note: You can enter the LAN-MAN 802.15 Balloting Pool without an 
IEEE-SA  Member Number but if you do not join the IEEE-SA then you 
will be dropped from the LAN-MAN 802.15 Balloting Group when it is 

To become an IEEE-SA Member, complete the Membership form which can 
be found at  http://standards.ieee.org/sa-mem/join.html . The IEEE-SA 
Member dues are nominal If you are already and IEEE member. See 
http://standards.ieee.org/faqs/sa-faq.html#q3. Sign up as an 
individual member.
Invitations will be issued shortly after the 1st of the year so 
please join the LAN-MAN 802.15 Sponsor Balloting Pool today if you 
want to participate.

Bob Heile
GTE Technology Organization
Chair IEEE 802.15
Phone: 781-466-2057
Fax:    781-466-2575
Pager: 800-759-8888  PIN 1109355