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stds-802-16: Tutorial Open Forum at Session #5

On the Session #5 schedule


you will notice a "Tutorial Open Forum" on Thursday evening.

I don't have the details worked out yet, but the idea is to create a 
venue for people who want some time to explain something. I want to 
satisfy some requests I've received along the lines of:

"I have a good idea about how to do part of an air interface (or 
about how to evaluate one). I think other people are interested, but 
it takes some time to explain. It does not fit with a scheduled 
session, and it is unsolicited (not responding to a Call for 
Contributions). However, other people are interested in what I'm 
saying and have asked for a better explanation."

This would be an unofficial meeting that wouldn't count toward 75% 
participation. We would post an agenda so people could chose which 
presentations they'd like to attend.

I suggest making it first-come, first-served based on a document 
contributions and then, once the session gets rolling, opening it up 
for anyone to sign in.

I'll try to get something more formal in writing once I figure out 
how this ought to work. Feel free to make suggestions.