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stds-802-16: Tutorial Open Forum at Session #5

As I mentioned to the reflector last month, the Session #5 schedule 
includes a "Tutorial Open Forum" on Thursday evening.

I have posted some procedures pertaining to this Forum:

Let me know if you'd like to schedule a presentation.

If your material applies specifically to a Call for Contributions, 
you would be better off submitting it as a response to that Call. 
Even if we are past the deadlines, we are still open to contributions 
in areas in which sufficient meeting time is still available, such as:

*Call for Suggested Improvements and Mergers, IEEE 802.16.1

*802.16.1 PHY Task Group: Call for Contributions on Modeling Issues

*802.16.1 MAC Task Group: Call for Contributions on Modeling Issues

*Sub10 Study Group (under 10 GHz)