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stds-802-16: sub10 issues

Title: stds-802-16: sub10 issues


You are missing the most important point that the Sub10 group is faced with (which are summarized by 3 basic questions):

(a) Is there a need for an Air Interface Standard for <10 GHz BWA ? (We need to justify such an activity for the 802 Ex. Com)

(b) If the answer to (a) is yes then how would this activity merge into the existing 802.16 activities and on what would it focus on ?

(c) Which frequency bands should this group address ? Is there a lower limit ? Is there a particular band ?

The technical issues of IP/ATM/TDD/FDD/OFDM/CDMA... are very interesting but these issues won't be resolved in the next meeting. If people answer question (a) with a YES, then there is work to be done to write a relavant PAR. If we are all about moving quickly out of a "study group" mode, we should no focus now on technical merits as you can see from other PARs they are on one hand specific enough to focus the group and on the other hand generic enough for allowing the group to go ahead and do its job.