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stds-802-16: RAWCON2000 Call for Papers

The 2000 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON2000)
highlights interdisciplinary aspects of RF technology and
communication system design. RAWCON2000 is sponsored by MTT-S
and will be in Denver, CO on Sept. 10-13, 2000. RAWCON seeks
papers in the areas of system architecture, system performance,
antennas and propagation, active devices, and passive devices.
The submission deadline is March 31, 2000. For details see
the Call for Papers at: 
Direct inquiries/responses to the RAWCON2000 General 
Chair, Dr. Michael S. Heutmaker (email heutmaker@lucent.com) or
the RAWCON2000 Technical Program Chair, Dr. Kari-Pekka Estola
(email kari-pekka.estola@research.nokia.com).