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Re: stds-802-16: 802.16.1 evaluation scoresheets

You must be present for your score to count. Sorry, but you would 
miss too much.

Those who are not present are welcome to submit score files. Email 
them to me by 6 pm Dallas time on Thursday. We'll compile a separate 
report to be used for information but not for decisions.


>Can one vote if he is a voting member and does not attend the interim?
>"Roger B. Marks" wrote:
>> I have posted the 802.16.1 proposal evaluation scoresheets:
>> PHY: <http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/docs/802161p5_1.xls>
>> MAC: <http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/docs/802161m5_1.xls>
>> I'm sorry to be so late with this.
>> Note the following:
>> -I dropped the deviation cap; it doesn't apply with a small set of 
>> -This simplified things, so I could use a single worksheet for each
>> file. It should be much easier to work with.
>> -I tried to incorporate all of the suggestions I received last 
>>time. I added:
>>     -presenter names
>>     -category names (abbreviated)
>>     -scoresheet version number
>>     -abstention option
>> To use the abstention option, you enter "-1" as a score. This means
>> that you don't choose to vote for the given proposal in the given
>> category. This vote will then be excluded from the average.
>> I also added hyperlinks to the proposal documents and to the
>> evaluation criteria. They will work as long as you keep all of the
>> documents in the same relative directories as they are stored on the
>> web. For instance, if you just copy the web site off the Flash ROM
>> during the meeting, everything will be in the proper place.
>> Except for abstentions, everything is pretty much self-explanatory,
>> so I haven't bothered with an instruction sheet. We'll have a lesson
>> at the Opening Plenary.
>> These changes mean that the Score Compilation Committee is going to
>> be working overtime writing a new script to read the scoresheets.
>> Fortunately, the Committee is Brian Petry, and I thank him for his
>> congeniality and hard work.
>> Scores will be due at 5:30 pm on Thursday.
>> See you on Monday!
>> Roger
>>   ------------------------------------------------------------
>>                      Name: 802161m5_1.xls
>>    802161m5_1.xls    Type: Microsoft Excel Worksheet 
>>                  Encoding: base64
>>                      Name: 802161p5_1.xls
>>    802161p5_1.xls    Type: Microsoft Excel Worksheet 
>>                  Encoding: base64
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