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stds-802-16: PAR summitted by 802.15

At the March 802 Plenary, 802.15 will be asking approval for the PAR, 
described below, as developed by their High Rate Study Group. If we 
have concerns or objections, we may submit them in written form by 5 
pm on Tuesday, 7 March, 5:00 pm. Please bring any issues to my 


Wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) 
Specifications for High Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN)



This project will define the PHY and MAC specifications for high data 
rate wireless connectivity with fixed, portable and moving devices 
within or entering a Personal Operating Space (POS).  A goal of the 
WPAN-HR (High Rate) Task Group will be to achieve a level of 
interoperability or coexistence with other 802.15 Task Groups, or an 
802.11 device.  It is also the intent of this project to work toward 
a level of coexistence with other wireless devices in conjunction 
with Coexistence Task Groups such as 802.15.2.

To provide a standard for low complexity, low cost, low power 
consumption, high data rate wireless connectivity among devices 
within or entering the Personal Operating Space (POS).  The data rate 
will be high enough, 20 Mbps or more (see 13a), to satisfy a set of 
multimedia industry needs for WPAN communications.  The project will 
also address the Quality of Service capabilities required to support 
multimedia data types.