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stds-802-16: finalization of Sub10 PAR, and 802.11/802.15 overlap

As you know, on 4 February I sent the 802 ExCom the Sub10 PAR:


Vic Hayes, the 802.11 Chair, has expressed a concern:

>In looking at your 5 criteria, I did not see how you addressed the distinct
>identity from 802.11. As you know 802.11 works in both 2.45 and 5 GHz bands.
>That is quite some overlap.
>Apart from the possible interference if the two are co-located or nearly
>co-located, it looks like 802.11 could do the job very well. So why do you
>want to make another standard? Is your application really different from
>If so, we do have a PAR proposal that would enhance our MAC. Maybe you
>could tell us why 802.11 could not support the applications for 802.16.3
>and we may solve it.

In further discussions, it appears that a number of senior people in 
802.11 and 802.15 are very concerned about the fact that the PAR 
includes the unlicensed frequencies in which their standards apply. I 
think it is quite likely that we will receive, on 6 March, comments 
from both 802.11 and 802.15 requesting that we limit the PAR to 
licensed bands. These comments would follow the following 802 

>Working Groups, other than the proposing Working Group, must express 
>concerns to the proposing Working Group as soon as possible and must 
>submit written comments to the proposing Working Group and the 
>Executive Committee not later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday. The 
>proposing Working Group must respond to commenting Working Groups 
>and to the Executive Committee together with a Final PAR not later 
>than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday. It will be assumed that insufficient 
>coordination and/or inter Working Group consideration had occurred 
>prior to the submission of the PAR if this deadline is not met, and 
>the proposed PAR will not be considered by the Executive Committee 
>at their closing Executive Committee meeting.

In my opinion, such concerns expressed by the two Working Groups 
would be taken quite seriously by the 802 ExCom. It is essential for 
both the Study Group and 802.16 to consider any such comments 

Just as other Working Groups will have an opportunity to suggest 
modifications of the PAR, so will 802.16 participants. The Study 
Group Chair will be issuing a Call for Contributions on this issue.

Notice that the tentative session agenda 
<http://ieee802.org/16/meetings/mtg06/agenda.html> shows an 802.16 
Midweek Plenary from 3:30-5:00 pm on Wednesday. The primary purpose 
of this meeting is to finalize the PAR and vote on its submission to 
the 802 ExCom (note the 5 pm deadline). I would like the Study Group 
to come to this meeting with a PAR, documentation of the Study Group 
motion to approve it, and a motion for 802.16 to approve it.

You will also see that, in consultation with the Study Group Chair, a 
Sub10 Tuesday evening session has been scheduled. This will provide 
additional time for the Study Group to complete its work. This 
session is also intended to address requests that all 802.16 
participants have a chance to participate in the Sub10 work.



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <mailto:marks@nist.gov>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <http://ieee802.org/16>
National Wireless Electronic Systems Testbed (N-WEST) <http://nwest.nist.gov>
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