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Re: stds-802-16: RE: stds-802-16.3 Requirements Spec.

I have it; I will post it soon, along with a call-for-comments.

"Kostas, Demos" <dkostas@adaptivebroadband.com> on 03/21/2000 11:46:47 AM

Sent by:  "Kostas, Demos" <dkostas@adaptivebroadband.com>

To:   "'Kiernan, Brian G.'" <brian.kiernan@interdigital.com>, "'grfischel
      @pa.net'" <grfischel@pa.net>
cc:   stds-802-16@ieee.org (Brian Petry/PA/3Com)
Subject:  stds-802-16: RE: stds-802-16.3 Requirements Spec.

I am looking for the revised(as per our previous meeting's comments) Fischel
Draft Requirements proposal to the WG to further comment upon.
Is it going to be made available soon for the WG's comments or are we to use
the earlier version that was available at our last meeting?

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