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stds-802-16: New 802.16 Members

I have updated the IEEE 802.16 Member list:


We now have 76 members. The 18 new ones are listed below.

Once we get the Session #6 attendance list straightened out, I will 
update the list of Potential Members (those who can become members by 
attending Session #8).


New Members of IEEE 802.16 as of Session #6:

*James C. Cornelius, Hardin & Associates, Inc.
*Roger Durand, Cabletron Systems
*Allan Evans, Netro Corporation
*Zion Hadad, Runcom Ltd.
*Wayne Hunter, Crosspan Network Access Technologies
*Jacob W. Jorgensen, Malibu Networks
*Demosthenes Kostas, Adaptive Broadband Inc.
*Ken Lazaris-Brunner, Gennum Corporation
*Yigal Leiba, BreezeCOM
*Lars Lindh, Nokia Research Center
*Anton Monk, Conexant Systems, Inc.
*Yunsang Park, Hughes Network Systems
*Subir Varma, BNA Systems
*Chao-Chun Wang, Malibu Networks
*Philip Whitehead, Radiant Networks PLC
*Steve Winslow, Alcatel USA
*Wei Zhang, NIST
*Juan Carlos Zuniga, Harris Corporation