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stds-802-16: published: revised PHY contribution

At the request of the submitter, the following document has been 
updated by adding two co-contributor names (at the end of the list 
below). There are no other changes, and I have not changed the 
document number.



Title: Physical Layer Proposal for the 802.16 Air Interface Specification

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.1pc-00/19

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/phy/contrib/802161pc-00_19.pdf>

Source: Jeff Foerster <mailto:foerster@newbridge.com>, Arun V. 
Arunachalam, George Stamatelos, Phil Guillemette, Moshe Ran, Wayne 
Hunter, Leland Langston, William Myers, Scott Marin, George Fishel, 
Ray W. Sanders, Karl Stambaugh, Glen Sater, Chet Shirali, Menashe 
Shahar, John Liebetreu, Yonatan Manor, Mark Vogel, Jack Fijolek