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stds-802-16: correction of error in membership rules

I have corrected an error in our membership rules. Thanks to Jeff 
Foerster for pointing it out.

As your know, membership is related to participation in "recent 
802.16 Sessions." The error was in the definition of a "recent 802.16 
Session". The rules used to say:

"A recent 802.16 Session is one of the previous four 802.16 LMSC 
Plenary Sessions, excluding the current one, or another 802.16 
Session that took place with the period of time spanned by those four 

I have changed the part after the comma to:

"or another 802.16 Session that took place since the first of those."

The difference is that the former version did not define an interim 
session held _after_ the most recent plenary as a recent session; 
this is silly, since it is the most recent of all.

The new version expresses the intent of the rule. Since this is how 
we have always interpreted it, no membership changes will result.

You can see the full rule at <http://ieee802.org/16/membership.html>.