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stds-802-16: Preregistration for Session #7 is closed

Preregistration for Session #7 is closed. You can confirm your 
preregistration by checking the list:


which has now been alphabetized. Please contact me (and 
jlawson@hns.com) if you see any problems. The list may still be 
adjusted a bit.

The total 802.16 preregistration is 131. This is a lot; our previous 
record record registration was 118 at Session #5. I expect that we 
will have some on-site registrations that take the numbers still 

In addition, 16 people registered for the co-located BRAN HIPERACCESS meeting.

Note this important fact: 47 of the 76 members of 802.16 are 
preregistered, and I can think of a few more that I expect to attend. 
Thus, the chances of a quorum (38) are good.

Be seeing you,