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stds-802-16: Published: 802.16.1 PHY contribution, accepted as tentative draft

At Session #7, this contribution was adopted as the tentative draft 
of the physical layer of the 802.16.1 standard. The Working Group 
decided to initiate a comment collection and resolution process based 
on it. This process will begin soon as soon as the editorial process 
is in place.

Title: Physical Layer Proposal for the 802.16.1 Air Interface Specification

Document Number: IEEE 802.16.1pc-00/29r1

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/phy/contrib/802161pc-00_29.pdf>

Source: Jeff Foerster <mailto:foerster@newbridge.com>
         Jay Klein     <mailto:jay@ensemblecom.com>


Arun V. Arunachalam, Paolo Baldo, Petri Bergholm, Naftali Chayat, 
Carl Eklund, George R. Fishel, Douglas A. Gray, Phil Guillemette, 
Wayne Hunter, Paul A. Kennard, Demosthenes Kostas, J. Leland 
Langston, John Liebetreu, Lars Lindh, Yonatan Manor, J. Scott Marin, 
William K. Myers, Andrea Nascimbene, Moshe Ran, Ray W. Sanders, Glen 
E. Sater, Menashe Shahar, Chet Shirali, George Stamatelos, Karl