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stds-802-16: registration and room reservations for 802.16 Session #7.5: May30-June 2 in Boulder

IEEE 802.16 Session #7.5 will be held May 30-June 2, 2000 at the 
Regal Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Although 802.16 as a 
whole will not meet, 802.16.1 will (and 802.16.2 may).

Here are some logistical details:

(1) The registration fee will be paid by credit card at the hotel 
front desk. The fee will be approximately $70 but will depend on 
attendance. In order to avoid some recent problems in browser forms 
processing, I have designed the World's Easiest Never-Fail Meeting 
Registration Form. To register, just click here:


Confirm your registration by the checking the registration list:


(2) Hotel rooms are $109. To reserve one, use the form:


(3) For additional logistical information, including travel and 
transportation details, see: