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stds-802-16: Published: Two WirelessHUMAN(TM) Study Group Documents

Here are two documents sent two days ago (I was away).

Note that, in spite of its title, the second of these (the Call for 
Contributions) "seeks input for the assimilation of report from this 
study group on the feasibility of using existing and ongoing 
standardization efforts for WirelessHUMAN systems."

Title: May 2000 meeting minutes
Document Number: IEEE 802.16hp-00/06
URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/human/docs/80216h-00_06.pdf>
Source: Sanjay Moghe <mailto:smoghe@rf-solutions.com>

Title: Call for Contributions: Functional Requirements for 
WirelessHUMAN Systems
Document Number: IEEE 802.16h-00/07
URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/human/docs/80216h-00_07.pdf>
Source: Durga Satapathy <mailto:durga.satapathy@mail.sprint.com>