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stds-802-16: 802.15 Common Simulation Framework Presentation

This subject may be relevant to the validation of 802.16 protocols. 
If you are interested in this topic, you should try to attend.


>To: 802.11 and 802.15 Working Group Members
>The 802.15 Task Group 3 on High Rate has an opportunity to get some
>information on techniques to help in comparing various proposals. Because of
>a very full agenda we will need to use the evening meeting time proposed on
>the meeting graphic. This meeting of TG3 will run from 830-1000pm in the
>main 802.15 meeting room. Monday nite, July 10.
>Because this topic may of interest to more than just the members of TG3, I
>am sending this to the joint 802.11/802.15 reflector. The presentation will
>be given by Taylor Salman, who is with Opnet. TG3 is not endorsing any one
>manufacturer of this type of product and would hope we will be able to get a
>few more presentations of this kind describing other approaches.
>The topic is a common simulation framework (CSF). A CSF allows data to be
>collected on competing standards proposals with identical usage scenarios,
>traffic loads and types, interfering sources, and methods of statistical
>collection. The goal is to be able to compare proposals, apples to apples,
>and to arrive at an objective conclusion on the best technical
>implementation. While other issues still play into the standards development
>process, CSF implementation can offer an approach to this task.
>The purpose of this presentation is to describe the benefits of implementing
>a CSF, how to best implement a CSF, what issues can be addressed by modeling
>and simulation in the standards process, and a review of past and present
>efforts within IEEE 802 using modeling and simulation.
>Regards, John
>John R. Barr (John.Barr@Motorola.com)