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stds-802-16: 802 Minutes, Reports and Announcements on the Web

Dear IEEE 802 LMSC Participants,

The minutes from the last plenary meeting of the IEEE 802 LMSC
are posted on the web at:


On this page you will find:

   - the minutes from the July 10, 2000 SEC meeting and 802 opening plenary
   - the minutes from the July 13, 2000 SEC meeting
   - status reports from each of the active Working Groups in 802

Note that these minutes are drafts and are subject to revision.

You will also find the announcement for the next IEEE 802 LMSC meeting
on the web at:


Happy reading,

Howard Frazier
IEEE 802 LMSC Recording Secretary


Note: These versions are more user-friendly than the ones Howard 
posted earlier; in particular, the Working Group reports are 
unbundled from the minutes. Also, the draft 802.16 report has been 
replaced with the updated version.