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stds-802-16: updated 802.16 Membership and Observer lists

I have updated the 802.16 Membership list:


We have 104 members. In addition, 4 people who qualified for 
membership at Session #8 have not replied to an invitation to accept 
it. I have given them a short extension to accept the offer.

I have also updated the 802.16 Potential Membership, Observer, and 
Potential Observer lists:


These updates do not account for participation at Session #8. I will 
expand them once the Secretary reports on the Session #8 participants 
(he received the attendance book only yesterday).

After that is complete, I will prepare the Member and Observer 
contact info and post it to the private area of the web site. I would 
like to get everyone's contact info updated at that time. If your 
contact info has changed or is incomplete, please update it. One 
quick way to check is to look at the lists above. If the information 
there is imcomplete or incorrect, that is a sure sign that you should 
provide an update. To do so, please use the new all-purpose form: