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stds-802-16: ISTO update and impact on 802.16.3

Here is a report on the status of the ISTO discussions and where, in 
my opinion, we should go from here.

There is discussion within the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) 
on an effort to limit ISTO's use of the word "standard." This 
limitation would, I hope, apply retroactively; for example, to past 
press releases. This won't happen immediately and there is no way to 
predict whether it will happen at all. The IEEE-SA has no direct 
authority in the matter.

There is also discussion of restricting ISTO's participation in 
programs which conflict with existing IEEE-SA projects. Again, the 
outcome is unpredictable and the IEEE-SA's authority limited. On this 
issue, though, it seems unlikely to apply retroactively. In other 
words, I have not seen indications that ISTO will dissociate from 

Those of you with opinions on the issue might wish to make them heard 
with your various IEEE representatives. I have continued to do so 

Now, however, it is time for 802.16.3 to come to grips with the 
situation we are in. Consortia come into this game with assets. We 
have a lot of assets too: for instance, very broad support, a very 
effective process, and a charter to write an IEEE Standard. But 
ultimately, our success will be determined not by what assets we have 
but by when we deliver.

I suggest that we consider the following motions at Session #9:

(1) To provisionally accept the 802.16.1 MAC as the 802.16.3 MAC and 
to postpone any further MAC discussions in TG3 until 802.16.1 is 
through Working Group Letter Ballot. In the meantime, TG3 
participants should use the TG Review and WG Letter Ballot processes 
to refine the 802.16.1 MAC to meet TG3 needs.

(2) To adopt an aggressive schedule. In the 802.16.1 Development Plan 
<http://ieee802.org/16/docs/99/80216-99_05.pdf>, we wrapped up the 
Functional Requirements in September, took initial proposals in 
November, and had the basic content of a draft by May. 802.16.3 ought 
to go   at least as fast, or in fact faster if we can put the MAC 
aside.  However, the current TG3 Development Plan 
<http://ieee802.org/16/sub11/docs/802163-00_03r2.pdf> shows 
philosophical discussions continuing in November and January, with no 
proposals on the table until March. Folks, that is a risky business; 
there may not be anyone at the March meeting to hear the proposals.

I would like to see both of these issues come to a TG3 vote at 
Session #9 (the Working Group has the right to override such a vote). 
I know that not everyone agrees with them, but we need to make a 
decision and proceed.