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stds-802-16: FWD: Relationships between IEEE-ISTO and IEEE-SA

Today I had a call from IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) 
President Don Loughry. Don assured me that he has been working 
diligently to reach an agreement on two issues: (1) developing 
terminology to distinguish ISTO efforts from IEEE-SA projects [the 
word "standard" is at the heart of the discussion] and (2) preventing 
future conflicts between IEEE-SA and ISTO topics.

Don invited me to post the note below to the 802.16 reflector. It is 
from both Don and Marco Migliaro (who Chairs the ISTO Board of 
Directors and, by the way, is also President-Elect of the IEEE-SA). 
It provides a good look at how the issue is being addressed inside 
IEEE. You can see that Don has taken the lead. I appreciate this, 
since it is a matter that affects all of IEEE-SA.

While IEEE-SA fully comprehends the 802 position with respect to the 
BWIF, it is not at the moment seeking to redress specific grievances 
but instead focusing on future policy and procedures. I can 
understand why. IEEE runs on rules. The issues that have been raised 
in regard to the BWIF involve not rule violations but questions as to 
whether the actions are in the best interest of IEEE. ISTO is less 
than two years old, and those who drew up the blueprints may not have 
anticipated some of the pitfalls. IEEE is now looking to revisit the 
rules to ensure future harmony.

Once new rules are in place, I think there will be an opportunity to 
revisit the specific case of the BWIF and how those new rules apply 
to it. For instance, I reminded Don that, once an agreement on 
terminology is reached, we will want to make sure it applies to the 

Now, on to creating IEEE Standard 802.16.3!


29 August 2000

From: Don Loughry, IEEE-SA President
	Marco Migliaro, IEEE-ISTO BoD Chairperson
Subject: Relationships between IEEE-ISTO and IEEE-SA

Several events have transpired throughout July and August that merit an
update on current discussions, progress to date, and future actions of those
involved. The IEEE-ISTO press release on the BWIF Program, dated 11 July and
the IEEE Project 802 Position Statement about the IEEE-ISTO dated 15 July
have indicated the need for clarification concerning how the IEEE-ISTO and
the IEEE-SA relate to one another on standards activities.

Informal discussions have taken place with key IEEE leadership: Dan Senese,
IEEE Executive Director, Bruce Eisenstein, IEEE President as well as members
and leadership of the IEEE-SA, IEEE-ISTO BoD, and Standards Staff. Further,
a teleconference on 25 August between us with Andy Salem, Peter Lefkin, and
Judy Gorman participating as well has helped to clarify further the key
matters of interest.

There is considerable interest in addressing the issues related to the IEEE
standards activities, in particular the procedures (guidelines) that
facilitate them. There is general consensus that the terminology used to
identify the respective products, programs and services could stand some
clarification to avoid confusion by members of industry, our primary
customers. Of equal interest is the need to avoid confusion over projects
approved and launched by the two entities.

It is the intention of the IEEE-ISTO and IEEE-SA leadership to put in place
a few simple and general high-level guidelines (with appropriate
consideration for the legal issues) to avoid the types of issues that have
arisen over the past two months. We believe this can be accomplished
shortly, certainly this year. Consideration is being given by the IEEE-ISTO
BoD to find a term that uniquely identifies their program output products
and clearly distinguishes them from those of the IEEE-SA. Further, it should
be noted that the concerns being discussed are primarily within the IEEE
itself and not for decision by any relevant industry forums, consortia, and
support groups.

We trust this message, while not offering detailed and explicit solutions,
does indicate the commitment and intention to resolve the issues that have
arisen this summer. You will be hearing from us again with more specific
action plans.