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stds-802-16: revised logo idea

I have posted some revised 802.16 logo ideas:


I had some comments about the antenna looking too much like a satcom 
dish. People gave me some alternative sketches, but they required a 
lot of fine detail. The logo has to be something that's useful in 
small renderings, and you can afford only minimal detail. Shrink down 
the image and you'll see what I mean.

I also had comments to the effect that we needed to better illustrate 
the point-to-multipoint concept. Again, you can only do this in an 
abstract sense in a logo.

My idea was to keep the 16 dots (a reference to "dot 16") that I used 
in the earlier logo. However, I am now using them for a dual purpose. 
Namely, they are the "multipoints" which surround the word 
WirelessMAN, which represents the hub site. I turned the oval into a 
circle to show, in an abstract sense, a 360 degree deployment. I 
threw in some lightning bolts to connect the hub to the subs.

I am getting to like this concept. What do you think?