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stds-802-16: Session #9 schedule

I have posted a graphical Session #9 schedule:


Please look it over and let me know of any errors.

TG1 will focus on comment resolution. It will open with a short 
session on issues affecting both the MAC and PHY. Later on, the MAC 
and PHY will operate in parallel. The PHY has fewer comments but has 
a few contributions to address. Also, TG2 has requested a joint 
session with TG1; I suggest that some of the TG1 PHY time be used for 
this. We can choose a time when we meet on Monday.

I scheduled a Joint TG1/TG2 MAC Session on Thursday evening.

I am showing very little 802.16 Plenary time. Even though we have 
important issues to deal with (including a TG1 request to initiate a 
Working Group Letter Ballot), I didn't want to cut much into the Task 
Group agendas, so we will try to keep the Plenary Sessions lean.

*** Please note that we will have a server with many 10BaseT and 
100BaseT cables as well as an 802.11b Wireless LAN hub. The server 
will be set up for DHCP, so bring a compatible device if possible. I 
will also bring a flash card if you need to get documents that way.