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stds-802-16: Published: more Session #9 documents

The following files have been added to the Session #9 document list 
(see the bottom of the page at 

*IEEE 802.16 Session #9 Minutes: Joint TG1 and TG3 MAC Meeting
*IEEE 802.16.1 MAC & Task Group 1 Meeting Minutes, IEEE 802.16 Session #9
*IEEE 802.16.1 PHY Meeting Minutes, IEEE 802.16 Session #9
*IEEE 802.16 Session #9 Attendance list

Please check the attendance list and confirm your attendance. Sign-in 
at six or more meeting intervals was required for participation 
credit. In case of questions, notify the Secretary using the link at 
the bottom of the page.

Notice that we had 126 "participating" attendees, just two off the 
record set at Session #8 (which was an 802 Plenary, where we normally 
draw larger crowds).

Still missing from the list:

*Working Group Plenary meeting minutes
*final TG1 and TG2 Call for Comments (awaiting edited versions)
*liaison letters (awaiting TG1 and TG2 Call for Comments)