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stds-802-16: reminder of Session #10: 6-10 November 2000

Session #10 (an 802.16 LMSC Plenary Session) of the IEEE 802.16 
Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access will take place on 6-10 
November 2000 at the Hyatt Regency Tampa in Tampa, Florida, USA.

You will save $50 if you pre-register for the meeting by Wednesday, 
October 25, 2000. You can do so on-line 

I also encourage you to book your hotel room soon at the Hyatt 
Regency Tampa. 802 Plenary Session attendance has surged from around 
400 (for meetings up through November 1999) to 849 in July 2000. 802 
reserves its hotels years in advance, and it may not be possible to 
expand the block to accommodate everyone. The conference rate $145 
(single occupancy) and the official reservation cutoff date is 
Wednesday 27 September. To book a room, call the hotel at 
+1-813-225-1234 or fax (+1-813-222-4964) a reservation form.

You can find the hotel reservation form (and other useful logistical 
information) in the Plenary Session info package:


For specific information regarding the 802.16 meetings at Session #10, see:


Note that the 802.16 Opening Plenary starts at 1 pm on Monday and the 
802.16 Closing Plenary ends by 5 pm on Thursday. 802.16 Task Groups 
may meet on Monday and/or Friday mornings. 802 as a whole holds an 
Opening Plenary from 11-12 am on Monday.