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WLAN/ CFP on Coexistence Mechanisms

Attached is a Call for Submissions on Coexistence Mechanisms to facilitate coexistence of WPAN and WLAN devices in the same location.  Submission deadline for a Letter of Intent is Nov 1, 2000

The IEEE 802.15 Coexistence Task Group (TG2) was established to primarily address the issue of coexistence of Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) devices.  The Project Authorization Request (802.15.2) describes the charter and scope of the Coexistence Task Group and can be found on the 802.15 web site (www.ieee802.org/15/). The charter of the Task Group is twofold.  First, develop a Coexistence Model, which quantitatively models the effects of the mutual interference of WPAN and WLAN devices, on one another, in the same location.  Second, to develop Coexistence Mechanisms to facilitate coexistence of WPAN and WLAN devices in the same location.  This document is the official Call for Submissions of Coexistence Mechanisms.  Both the Coexistence Model and the Coexistence Mechanisms are to be documented in an IEEE Recommended Practice.

        There are two classes of Coexistence Mechanisms: Collaborative and Non-Collaborative Mechanisms.  If it is possible for the WPAN and the WLAN to exchange information between one another then it is possible to develop a Collaborative Coexistence Mechanism where the two wireless networks negotiate to minimize mutual interference.  If there is no method to exchange information between the two wireless networks then you can use a Non-Collaborative Coexistence Mechanism.  Submissions of both types of mechanisms are encouraged.  Depending on the operating environment one technique may be preferred over the other.

Submission Deadlines

Presentations on Coexistence Mechanisms need to be made at either the November 2000 or the January 2001 IEEE 802.15 meetings. Information about future meetings can be found on the IEEE 802.15 web site [www.ieee802.org/15/].

If you wish to make a presentation at one of the meetings you need to send a letter of intent to Steve Shellhammer [
shell@symbol.com] by November 1, 2000.  Please state in the letter which IEEE 802.15 meeting you prefer to present at, either November 2000 or January 2001.
        The submissions should be in the IEEE 802.15 format.  Templates for both PowerPoint and Word documents can be found on the IEEE web site [ www.ieee802.org/15/ ].
        All material submitted for incorporation into an IEEE Standard must meet the IEEE Patent Policy.  You can find out more about the IEEE Patent Policy on the web [


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