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stds-802-16: IEEE 802.16.2 Interim Meeting

Title: IEEE 802.16.2 Interim Meeting

As announced at the 802.16 closing plenary, an interim meeting of TG2 will be held near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada starting at 8.00am on Wednesday 25th October and finishing at approx 5PM on Thursday 26th.  The meeting will review and decide action (time permitting) on any comments received on the draft Practice document by 4PM EDT on Friday 20th October.

The hotel/meeting room location is indicated below.  If you wish to attend, please make your own hotel arrangements (a block of rooms is being reserved till Oct 10th).  If you will attend, please also send an email to Andy McGregor, host / TG2 co-chair (mcgregor@nortelnetworks.com), so that I can ensure that the meeting room is large enough - I can provide driving directions, if needed.

NOTE that the hotel is approx 10 miles west of downtown Ottawa (25 minute taxi ride ($40? Cdn) from airport - outside rush-hour).  It is located at the North-West corner of the Moodie Drive/ Robertson Road intersection.  By late October, overnight temperatures may be below freezing, though daytime temperatures may reach a "balmy" 60F (if lucky) - check your favourite weather web-site and dress appropriately - snow is NOT anticipated, but.....

I believe that in Ottawa, the "clocks change" on the weekend AFTER the meeting (normal US/Canada eastern time zone GMT+5) for those travelling internationally.  There are some direct international flights from the USA and UK to Ottawa or alternatively, you can arrive in Canada at Montreal or Toronto and use a short-haul flight.


Andy McGregor, Spectrum Engineering
Wireless Internet and Mobility Systems
+1 (613) 763-7942 (ESN 393), fax: +1 (613) 765-5598 (ESN 395)
Dept M200, MS 65D/17/C03, Nortel Networks, PO Box 3511, Station C,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4H7, Canada

To:     McGregor, Andy
Subject:        IEEE Interim Meeting

I have reserved the Norstone Room at the Days Inn (formally known as the Luxor Hotel) for your up coming IEEE Interim meeting October 25th & 26th. I have reserved the room on a 24hr basis the first day and until 5PM the second day.

Coffee/tea/juice and muffins will be available at 8 AM, and coffee/tea/soft drinks and chocolate chip cookies will be available at 2 PM.

A block of 8 rooms have been set aside for the group. Each individual who calls for hotel reservations should identify themselves as members of the "IEEE Interm Meeting". Reservations must be made by October 10th, any rooms not picked up by this date, will be released. Business queen bedded rooms at the Nortel rate are $85.00 (Cdn - approx US$60)  plus taxes (15%) .

The hotel understands the total (meeting room) invoice is to be divided by the number of people, and each individual will receive a receipt for their share of the payment.

The address for the Days Inn is: Ottawa West
                                350 Moodie Drive
                                Nepean, ON K2H 8G3
                                (613) 726-1717
                                (613)726-1462 fax