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stds-802-16: September 802.16 web site statistics

I just checked the September 802.16 web stats 

I counted 432,351 file downloads, up from the previous record of 
356,963 in July.

The most popular document was the 802.16.1 air interface (Rev. 2) 
that was under Final Task Group Review. This was downloaded 7148 

The next most popular document was the previous (Rev. 1) version, 
downloaded 5651 times. Together with the 6950 copies of this same 
version downloaded in August, Rev. 1 was downloaded 12601 times. 
That's 19749 copies of Rev. 1 and Rev. 2 together in August and 

"Functional Requirements for the 802.16.3 Interoperability Standard" 
was also popular. Here is a summary:

	Rev 4	Rev 3	Rev 2	Rev 1	Total
Sept	1396	1007	151	81	2635
Aug	-	1926

Rev. 3 was also downloaded 1926 times in August; 2933 times between 
both months. 4329 copies of Rev. 3 plus Rev. 4 in August and 

The point of all this is that people are watching us!