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stds-802-16: Creation of 802.16 Marketing Committee

Last week, Dean Chang <mailto:dchang@apertonet.com> suggested to me 
the importance of raising the market awareness of 802.16. He had some 
great ideas and plenty of enthusiasm.

I have asked Dean to Chair a new 802.16 Marketing Committee, and he has agreed.

This committee will have the mission of raising the awareness of 
802.16, its activities, and its successes among the relevant industry 
players. It's primary tasks will be:

*Preparing press releases for approval of the Working Group by vote. 
(Press releases must be approved by the 802 Executive Committee at a 
meeting or by email ballot before they may be submitted to the IEEE 
Standards Association for release.)

*Encouraging and coordinating supporting announcements by companies 
or other organizations which are involved 802.16 or plan to make use 
of its work.

*Compiling and maintaining a list of hyperlinks to press releases, 
news stories, and other reports which mention 802.16.

The Committee is welcome to propose additional tasks.

If you are interested in working actively with Dean on this 
committee, please let him know.