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stds-802-16: Supercomm 2001 Technical Forum Speaking Opportunity

This year at Supercomm 2001, June 3-7, there will be an all day technical
forum on fixed broadband wireless.  I am the chairperson for the forum and
am now looking for speakers.  Please let me know if you are interested in
speaking at this event by Friday October 20th.  Supercomm is the largest
tradeshow in the US focus on the telecommunications market - in addition,
they have a large show area dedicated to wireless.

The technical forum is an all day conference with about 8 presentations, 5-6
from equipment manufacturers and 2-3 from service providers.  Speakers from
equipment providers must have technical titles such as CTO, VP of
Engineering, Director of Engineering and not VP of Sales, VP of Marketing.
All presentations need to be "non commercial" in nature. The goal of the
form is to educate service providers on the technical issues in the fixed
broadband access space.

A few possible topics include:

Fixed wireless broadband access - 2-11 GHz
Fixed wireless broadband access - 10-66 GHz
End to End QoS in fixed broadband wireless
RF propagation issues

Please let me know if you are interested or have further questions.  This is
a good opportunity to generate more exposure for the fixed broadband
wireless market and for you as well.

Dean Chang

Dean S.K. Chang
Director of Marketing
Aperto Networks
1637 S Main Street
Milpitas CA 95035
Phone:  408 719-9977 Ext 668
FAX:     408 719-9970