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stds-802-16: can you provide a data projector for Session #10?


802 continues to see a growing number of requests for data 
projectors. We have 14, but 20 have been requested for the November 
plenary. That includes 5 that I requested for 802.16:

*TG3 (the large one)

The ExCom is currently voting on a motion to buy two more. It seems 
likely to pass. If it does, 802.16 will get four.

For many consecutive meetings, we have gotten by only because Leland 
Langston has lugged a projector to each meeting. We all owe Leland a 
debt of gratitude for this, but it's not fair to keep asking Leland 
to bear the brunt of the shortfall. Anyway, he moved to Colorado and 
no longer has access to the machine, which remains in Dallas.

So, I'd like to put out an appeal: can anyone bring along a small 
projector for use in Tampa?

If not, we will need to coordinate our projector use and do some sharing.

By the way, if you are still looking for a room in Tampa, 802 has 
blocked rooms at a secondary overflow hotel. For details, see: