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Re: stds-802-16: itineary for Session #10

As noted on the Session #10 page <http://ieee802.org/16/meetings/mtg10>,

"The 802.16 Plenary Session will open at 1 pm on Monday and close by 
5 pm on Thursday. Monday morning is available for Task Group 
meetings. Friday morning will be used to process documents and 
prepare materials for Working Group Letter Ballots. No formal 
meetings will take place on Friday. Neither Monday morning nor Friday 
morning attendance will be recorded for purposes of tracking Session 
#10 participation. "


>I am planning on attending Session #10 in Tampa.  Now is the time to book my
>flight and etc.  Is there an itineary (802.16 specific) yet?
>I downloaded a schedule for the Plenary meeting.  Is that inclusive of the
>Working Group's activity?  The schedule shows activity on Sunday (11/5)
>night, Monday (11/6) morning, and Friday (11/10) morning, but none of them
>sounds like it's related to the Working Group.  It will be nice if I can fly
>in on Monday morning and leave on Thursday night (saving 2 nights of hotel),
>but I don't want to miss anything important on Sunday night, Monday morning
>or Friday morning. 
>Minfei M. Leng