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stds-802-16: IEEE 802.16 press release - opportunities for member companies to participate

One of the first tasks of the marketing committee is to raise the awareness
of IEEE 802.16 throughout the world.  One of the most effective ways to
accomplish this goal is to develop press releases when the group reaches
various milestones in the process of developing a standard.

Since we have not had any press releases since the formation of 802.16, we
plan to have a press release targeted to hit the wire on November 13th right
after the November Plenary in Tampa Bay.

The release will cover the following:

IEEE 802.16 receives broad industry support from a large number of
corporations worldwide
IEEE 802.16.1 recently moved into the voting process and expects completion
of a standard by xx/xx/xx
IEEE 802.16.3 received XX proposals for the PHY layer with XX proposals
continuing to move forward.

I will forward a draft copy of this release in the near term.  In order for
this release to hit the wire, it needs to be approved by the working group.
(Press releases must be approved by the 802 Executive Committee at a meeting
or by email ballot before they may be submitted to the IEEE Standards
Association for release.)

In addition to this press release from IEEE, we encourage member companies
to develop their own releases demonstrating their support for IEEE 802.16.
These releases can hit the wire either the same day as this release or
later.  Please let me know if you company is interested in developing their
own release to coincide with this release by IEEE.   If you would like to
include quotes from various IEEE 802.16 officials, please let me know as
well so we can approve them.  In order to generate greater awareness, it
would be best to have as many releases as possible on the release date.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Dean Chang
Dean S.K. Chang
Director of Marketing
Aperto Networks
1637 S Main Street
Milpitas CA 95035
Phone:  408 719-9977 Ext 668
FAX:     408 719-9970