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Re: stds-802-16: IEEE 802.16 press release - opportunities formember companies to participate


It looks like the 802.16 Marketing Committee is making progress.

I think the press release should make one more point:

*IEEE 802.16.2 recently moved into the voting process for a 
Recommended Practice on Coexistence

I notice that you did not include WirelessHUMAN. I think this is the 
right way to go. The WirelessHUMAN group might want to draft an 
announcement, run it by the Marketing Committee, and ask for WG 
approval on November 9; we would then hold off on the actual 
announcement pending PAR approval by the IEEE Standards Board in 
their meeting of December 7.


>One of the first tasks of the marketing committee is to raise the awareness
>of IEEE 802.16 throughout the world.  One of the most effective ways to
>accomplish this goal is to develop press releases when the group reaches
>various milestones in the process of developing a standard.
>Since we have not had any press releases since the formation of 802.16, we
>plan to have a press release targeted to hit the wire on November 13th right
>after the November Plenary in Tampa Bay.
>The release will cover the following:
>IEEE 802.16 receives broad industry support from a large number of
>corporations worldwide
>IEEE 802.16.1 recently moved into the voting process and expects completion
>of a standard by xx/xx/xx
>IEEE 802.16.3 received XX proposals for the PHY layer with XX proposals
>continuing to move forward.
>I will forward a draft copy of this release in the near term.  In order for
>this release to hit the wire, it needs to be approved by the working group.
>(Press releases must be approved by the 802 Executive Committee at a meeting
>or by email ballot before they may be submitted to the IEEE Standards
>Association for release.)
>In addition to this press release from IEEE, we encourage member companies
>to develop their own releases demonstrating their support for IEEE 802.16.
>These releases can hit the wire either the same day as this release or
>later.  Please let me know if you company is interested in developing their
>own release to coincide with this release by IEEE.   If you would like to
>include quotes from various IEEE 802.16 officials, please let me know as
>well so we can approve them.  In order to generate greater awareness, it
>would be best to have as many releases as possible on the release date.
>Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
>Dean Chang
>Dean S.K. Chang
>Director of Marketing
>Aperto Networks
>1637 S Main Street
>Milpitas CA 95035
>Phone:  408 719-9977 Ext 668
>FAX:     408 719-9970