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stds-802-16: Published: Plan to Update 802.16 PARs

Title: Plan to Update 802.16 PARs

Document Number: IEEE 802.16-00/21

URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/docs/00/80216-00_21.pdf>

Source: Roger Marks   <mailto:r.b.marks@ieee.org>
         Brian Kiernan <mailto:brian.kiernan@interdigital.com>
         Andy McGregor <mailto:mcgregor@nortelnetworks.com>


IEEE 802.16 currently has three active Project Authorization Requests 
(PARs) and is proposing a fourth. As the existing PARs were 
developed, the Working Group did not fully foresee future projects 
and their implications. As a result, the existing PARs are not fully 
aligned with the current plans of the Working Group.   PARs are 
important, steering not only the internal work but also the structure 
of documents to be published and the relationships among them.

This proposal, contributed by the three Task Group chairs, is to 
re-align, rename, and re-number all of the PARs to accurately reflect 
the current situation in the 802.16.

We will present this plan a Monday's Opening Plenary and give the 
Task Groups a chance to review it. We plan to put it up for a vote at 
Wednesday's Midweek Plenary. If approved, I will ask the 802 ExCom to 
approve it on Thursday night.

On Monday, we can answer your questions about the different types of 
standards that IEEE supports and why we think this plan makes the 
most sense.