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stds-802-16: networking at Session #10

Please remember that 802.16 will again have its networking equipment 
running next week. If you want to access documents, please bring a 
laptop computer with 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, or 802.11b wireless LAN. 
Configure it as a DHCP client. You can access the server by HTTP, 
FTP, Windows File Sharing, or AppleShare.

In addition, 802 as a whole is experimenting with a network. Don 
Berry of Microsoft has volunteered to set up a network over the 
weekend; I have offered to lend him some of 802.16's extra hubs and 
cables for use by other groups. You should be able to access an 
802.11b wireless LAN and Ethernet in nearly every 802 meeting room 
throughout the hotel. For ease of use, I encourage you to invest in 
or borrow an 802.11b card.

I will bring my cardbus flash memory card and am willing to let it 
circulate, but I can't be responsible to keep it up to date, and I 
can't promise you'll be able to get it when you want it.

We have no one identified to administer our server. Brian Petry 
helped with this last time, but he won't be there. I will help where 
I can, but I will be busy, and there is a lot I don't know. If 
someone would care to volunteer to help with this, we would all be 
grateful and will bring you an extra cookie. Just let me know.

See you Monday!