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stds-802-16: Re: TG3 MAC Discussions

The following is from my perspective as TG1 Chair:

There were four contributions from a TG3 perspective that related to the MAC:

*802.16.1c-00/09 (Vladimir Yanover)
*802.16.1c-00/10 (Vladimir Yanover)
*802.16.1c-00/11 (Subir Varma)
*802.16.1c-00/13 (Huanchun Ye)

We notified these contributors that we can act only on specific 
change requests, not on general contributions, and that we need the 
comments on the official comment form. Only Subir responded with 
technical comments.

TG1 wants to address these issues. We have asked again for comments, 
and we have offered a deadline extension to prepare them. Yesterday, 
we offered to accept TG3 comments (either a consolidated set or 
comments from individual contributors) as late as the Wednesday 
Midweek Plenary, as long as they are specific and use the comment 

I'd like to propose another step. Since TG1 has an enormous number of 
comments to resolve, we are probably going to end up working nights 
(but not during the Wednesday night social). We would be happy to use 
the Tuesday evening TG1 MAC editorial meeting to address the TG3 
comments. I think the discussions would be most efficient if TG3 
would select a few people to represent its specific views. Our 
editorial teams have been meeting in a rather informal atmosphere 
that has led to productive discussions. I hope that we can maintain 
this atmosphere on Tuesday night. For example, we propose to hold the 
meeting in the TG1 MAC editorial room (Buccaneer C). This is a small 
room, which is more conducive to give-and-take. The capacity is 35, 
which I think is sufficient. Also, the meeting will be run like the 
rest of our editorial meetings, with the focus on resolving the 
specific comments in an orderly and time-efficient process. The Chair 
will try to keep the discussion on focus and will allocate the 
available time carefully.

I recognize that this requires TG3 to complete its comments a day 
earlier than we discussed yesterday. However, the TG3 agenda shows 
the topic set for discussion from 1-3 pm on Tuesday, so it seems 
feasible. TG1 would send an observer or two to this TG3 discussion in 
order to keep in touch.

I ask that TG3 consider this proposal next week.


At 8:41 AM +0000 00/11/03, David Trinkwon wrote:
>I had asked Roger Marks if he could coordinate the agenda next week in certain
>ways, but he has told me that this is the responsibility of the task group /
>sub-group Chairs.  There are three documents dealing with the 802.16 
>MAC from a
>TG3 perspective, and these have all been addressed / classified as TG1
>Carl, when you announce your agenda at the Opening Plenary can you please
>specify WHEN (day/time) you will be reviewing / discussing the three 
>and any other TG3 related MAC issues ? This will help us plan our involvement
>while still maintaining our TG3 participation.
>I suggest that you coordinate with Subir and Brian to find a time which
>conflicts least with the other TG1 and TG3 activities (especially TG3 PHY
>evaluation and proposal reviews).
>David Trinkwon
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