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stds-802-16: Editorial meeting in San Diego

I received only a few acknowledgements regarding this meeting. If you intend
to come please confirm with me (jay@ensemblecom.com) ASAP TODAY (!!!).
We need the exact count in order to guarantee rates/rooms.


PS - Attached please find my email - sent about a week ago.

As discussed and agreed in our Tampa session, a need for an editorial
meeting was identified. The meeting itself will deal with the reconstruction
of the MAC section and relevant PHY document changes which may result
starting from simple issues such as figure referencing and ending with
"interfacing" issues between the MAC and the PHY. No technical discussions
are expected in this meeting.

The proposed meeting dates are December 12th,13th and 14th in San Diego. All
3 days will be required by the MAC group while the PHY group will be a
single day event on 12/13 allowing for the MAC group to generate proper
input for the PHY and then allow the PHY group to respond. Thus, the MAC
group will have one working day to digest any input from the PHY group. The
meetings will start on the morning of the 12th (exact hour TBD) and adjurn
on the afternoon of the 14th.

I have negotiated a "deal" with a very fine hotel - the Embassy Suites, in
the UTC/La Jolla area (not too far from the Hyatt which we used for our July
meeting). We are expecting about ~25 people to participate in this editing
activity (everyone is invited). We will have 2 meeting rooms with lunch,
afternoon cocktails/snacks and coffee breaks all included. Given the size of
the expected party, Ensemble will pick-up the bill of all of these hosting
services yet for the hotel room you are expected to pay (Sorry...). The room
rate is not cheap yet it is below the usual rate - 155 US$/night (instead of
195 US$) and includes a suite (all rooms are) and breakfast. More details
about the hotel can be found in

We need to guarantee at least 10 people for this rate. Therefore please give
me tentative indications if you are planning to participate (including the
number of days of attendance) by Thursday evening (PST). Please send your
indication to mailto:jay@ensemblecom.com. This is required to confirm the
rate and block rooms if necessary.