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stds-802-16: FW: IEEE 802.16.3 Traffic Model Ad-hoc Committee

RE:  IEEE 802.16.3 Traffic Model Ad-hoc Committee

Is there anyone out there that anticipates bring a contribution to the next
802.16.3 meeting to enhance, expand, contract or modify Contribution
802.16.3c-00-51 entitled 4IPP Traffic Model by C. R. Baugh.  If so, would
you let me know your level of certainty that this will happen so I can plan
the time at the January meeting accordingly.  Thank you.


Please note the different area codes for Phone and Fax

C. R.(Rick) Baugh, Ph.D.        Office: 425-644-2527
23 Newport Key                     Fax: 206-727-6660
Bellevue, WA  98006             E-mail: crbaugh@crbaugh.com