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wpan/ RE: stds-802-16: RE: WLAN/ New Structure of the Coexistence Group

I feel that option #1 is most workable/productive. A small subset of a WG
can meet on the side to discuss coexistance issues relevant to a particular
application; interim meetings included.  

However, I do agree that a distinct leadership would be required for
coordination of formal 802.16 output(s). Perhaps Roger could appoint, or
802.16 elect, a highly interested person who could serve as an effort
coordinator/integrator. The proposed output could then be put to the 802.16
for approval. 

If it is not too late in the process, I think that the first task for this
person and the WG subgroups should be to work with the SARS folks. 

My $.02

Ken Peirce
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