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RE: stds-802-16: RE: WLAN/ New Structure of the CoexistenceGroup


	I think the concern is that up till now 802.16 was in licenced
bands and so did not impact 802.11 and 802.15.  Now however, as I
understand it, 802.16 will be potentially moving into unlicenced bands,
that are used by 802.11 and 802.15.  If they operate in the same band
it is no longer practical to only consider individual systems, it is necessary
to consider the other systems in the band.


>>> Ken Peirce <ken@Malibunetworks.com> 11/28/00 12:33PM >>>

I feel that option #1 is most workable/productive. A small subset of a WG
can meet on the side to discuss coexistance issues relevant to a particular
application; interim meetings included.  

However, I do agree that a distinct leadership would be required for
coordination of formal 802.16 output(s). Perhaps Roger could appoint, or
802.16 elect, a highly interested person who could serve as an effort
coordinator/integrator. The proposed output could then be put to the 802.16
for approval. 

If it is not too late in the process, I think that the first task for this
person and the WG subgroups should be to work with the SARS folks. 

My $.02

Ken Peirce