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wpan/ Call for Intent to Propose-Low Rate WPAN

A few weeks ago, the IEEE 802.15 Low Rate Study Group issued a Call for Applications for low-rate wireless personal area networks (WPAN-LR) (CFA doc 00/390). The submitters are being asked to present their applications during the next interim meeting in Monterey in January of 2001. Following the review of the presented applications, the group will issue a Call for Proposal (CFP) at the meeting.

To better plan and schedule, the Low Rate Group is issuing this call for statements of intent (attached to this email) to present proposals for the Low Rate WPAN standard . The group anticipates the Call for Proposals ending at the start of the March 12, 2001 meeting of the IEEE 802.15 Working Group. The submitters will be asked to present their proposals during the March meeting.

Letters of intent to propose a new standard in compliance with the accepted PAR should be sent to the acting Chairman of the WPAN-LR task group, Bob Heile, at
bheile@ieee.org and to the Vice-Chairman, Pat Kinney, at Pat.Kinney@intermec.com, and to the Secretary, Marco Naeve, at marconaeve@eaton.com by January 14th 2001.

The submitter may propose a PHY or a MAC solution or a combined PHY and MAC solution. The letter of intent should include the name of the submitter, the contact information such as e-mail address and phone number, the title of the proposal and it should state the type of the proposed solution (PHY or MAC only or PHY and MAC).  A letter of intent in no way obligates the submitter to present a proposal if, at a later date they chose not to.

Documents and additional info can be found on the web site (www.ieee802.org/15/) If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Bob Heile
Verizon Technology Organization
Chair IEEE 802.15
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