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stds-802-16: Report from 802.16 Task Group 1 Session #10.5

To:   802.16 Reflector
From: Roger Marks, TG1 Chair
Date: 14 December 2000

I'd like to give you a quick, informal report from 802.16 Task Group 
1's Session #10.5, held on 12-14 December in San Diego. This was a 
productive meeting and a lot of fun.

*Attendance (18 people (10 of whom are still here working around the 
table at 4 pm!)]:

Yair Bourlas, Ensemble Communications Inc.
Carl Eklund, Nokia Research Center
Andy Ickowicz, IEEE Standards Activities
Robert Johnson, Ensemble Communications Inc.
Brian Kiernan, InterDigital Communications Corp.
Jay Klein, Ensemble Communications Inc.
Don Leimer, WirelessHome
Sergio Licardie, DMC Stratex Networks, Inc.
John Liebetreu, Intersil Corporation
Roger Marks, NIST
Ronald Meyer, Crosspan Network Access Technologies
Glen Sater, Motorola Inc.
Andy Schiltz, Ensemble Communications Inc.
Ken Stanwood, Ensemble Communications Inc.
Chris Tappenden, Nortel Networks
Arthur Wang, WirelessHome
Vladimir Yanover, BreezeCOM Ltd.
Juan Carlos Zuniga, Harris Corporation

*Editing Update

Jim Mollenauer has resigned as TG1 Technical Editor due to his new 
employment status. I am acting in this capacity.

IEEE Standards Activities has assigned Andy Ickowicz as Project 
Editor for the TG1 draft. Andy's first task was to complete the 
incorporation of changes approved at Session #10; these changes had 
been delayed due to Jim's resignation. Andy began work before the 
session. He attended the session, working closely with the members. 
He nearly completed the updates accepted at Session #10 and will 
complete his work by tomorrow.

*Changes Requested by TG3

A primary purpose of the session was to restructure the document in 
response to Document IEEE 802.16.3p-00/56 ("Using the TG1 MAC for TG3 
Purposes: Report of the TG3 MAC Ad Hoc Group", by Vladimir Yanover, 
Subir Varma, and Huanchun Ye). Further input was provided in two 
contributions by Naftali Chayat and Vladimir Yanover:

  -Proposal on changes in the 802.16 MAC Reference Model and PHY 
Service definition
  -Template for the "PHY Service" subclause

We addressed this topic in three ways:

-In order to isolate the MAC from the PHY, we developed details of 
the PHY Service Access Point.

-We revised the document text that included both MAC and PHY 
references and divided the content appropriately.

-We restructured the Table of Contents to reflect the new structure, 
based on a contribution of Glen Sater. Glen accepted the 
responsibility of restructuring the document according to this new 
Table of Contents. TG1 agreed to issue a Revision 5 of the document 
by 22 December. In accordance with the requests of the IEEE Standards 
staff, this version will be designated a Draft Standard; accordingly, 
it will be copyrighted and password protected. A Call for Comments 
will be issued, with a deadline of 13 January.

*Clause Editors

TG1 has assigned Clause Editors to be responsible for the editing of 
specific section of the TG1 draft. These Editors are:

1 Overview                                  Roger Marks
2 Normative References                      Roger Marks
3 Definitions                               Jose Costa
4 Abbreviations and Acronyms                Jose Costa
5 Service Specific Convergence Sublayers    - 

  5.1 ATM                                    Ken Stanwood 

  5.2 Ethernet                               Glen Sater
  5.3 IP                                     Carl Eklund
6 MAC Sublayer                              -
  6.1 MAC Service Definition                 Ken Stanwood
  6.2 Data/Control Plane                     -
   6.2.1 Message Formats                     Glen Sater
   6.2.2 Access Methods                      Ken Stanwood
   6.2.3 Network Entry                       Juan Carlos Zuniga
   6.2.4 Ranging                             Ken Stanwood
   6.2.5 Quality of Service                  Glen Sater
  6.3 Management Plane                       Carl Eklund
7 Security Sublayer                         Carl Eklund
8 Physical Layer                            -
  8.1 PHY SAP                                Vladimir Yanover
  8.2 Physical Layer Suitable for 10-66 GHz  Andy Schiltz & Jay Klein
9 Configuration File                        Ian Baragar?/Chris Tappenden
10 Parameters and Constants                 Phil Guillemette?
11 TLV Encodings                            Sergio Licardie
A Functional Requirements                   Roger Marks
Figure Editor                               Andy Schiltz

Those with questions marks have been nominated by the Task Group but 
have not yet been informed of this interesting opportunity. In cases 
where a name appears more than once, there is an opportunity for new 
volunteers to step in. Please let me know if you would like to 


Ron Meyer prepared minutes that I will post.


Thanks to Jay Klein for hosting a comfortable meeting and Ensemble 
Communications for generously serving as corporate host.