802.16.1 MAC Task Group
Agenda: Wednesday, November 10

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Start Time Document Number Document Title Contributors Company
8:45 80216mc-99_07 Media Access Control Protocol based on ETSI DVB (EN 301 199) Scott Marin SpectraPoint Wireless LLC
9:15 80216mc-99_15 PHY and MAC considerations for an IEEE 802.16 Common Air Interface Standard Robert Nii
Margarete Ralston
Wytec Inc.
9:45 Break
10:00 80216mc-99_09 ATM Based MAC Layer Proposal for the 802.16 Air Interface Specification Farid Elwailly Stanford Wireless Broadband Inc
10:30 80216mc-99_14 CellMAC based MAC layer for Broadband Wireless Access Allan Evans Netro Corporation
11:00 80216mc-99_11 A Proposed Approach to Defining an Interoperable MAC/PHY Layer Scheduler for 802.16 Ray Sanders CircuitPath Network Systems
11:30 80216mc-99_08 Nokia proposal for 802.16 MAC Carl Eklund
Juha Pihlaja
Kari Rintanen
Nokia Research Centre
Nokia Research Centre
Nokia Networks
12:00 Lunch
13:15 80216mc-99_10 An Efficient Media Access Control Protocol for Broadband Wireless Access Systems James F. Mollenauer
Jay Klein
Brian Petry
Technical Strategy Associates
Ensemble Communications Inc.
3Com Corp.
13:45 80216mc-99_17 A MAC proposal addressing 802.16 System requirements Willie Lu
Mohan Maghera
Charles Bry
Infineon Technologies
14:15 80216mc-99_06 Amber proposal for 802.16 MAC layer Yigal Leiba Amber
14:45 Break
15:00 80216mc-99_05 802.16 BWA Air Interface Medium Access Control Leonid Shousterman BreezeCOM
15:30 80216mc-99_16 Media Access Control Protocol Based on DOCSIS 1.1 Glen Sater
Karl Stambaugh
Motorola Inc.
16:00 80216mc-99_04 DOCSIS based MAC layer proposal for BWA Arun Aruncahalam
Genzao Zhang
Nortel Networks
16:30 80216mc-99_13 MAC Protocol Proposal for Fixed BWA Networks Based on DOCSIS Phil Guillemette SpaceBridge Networks Corporation
17:00 80216mc-99_12 MAC layer proposal with IP QoS allowances for BWA Jacob Jorgensen
Chao-Chun Wang
Malibu Networks

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