IEEE 802.16 Issues for 802 LMSC EC Meeting of Friday 18 November 2005

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5.05 ME Motion:To forward the 802.16i PAR to NesCom
see PAR and PAR submittal note
Note: no comments received; no changes from orginal submittal.
LMSC Motion: Marks / Second: Rajkumar
50/0/1 15/0/0
5.11 ME Motion: To grant conditional approval, under Clause 21, to forward P802.16/Conformance04 for Sponsor Ballot
Draft Standard for Conformance to IEEE Standard 802.16 - Part 4: Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) Proforma for Frequencies below 11 GHz
LMSC Motion: Marks / Second: -
9.05 ME Motion: To approve IEEE L802.16-05/059 as an intended contribution from IEEE to ITU-R, subject to editorial revision.
LMSC Motion: Marks / Second: Lynch
10.15 MI LMSC Motion:To renew the Mobile Multihop Relay Study Group through the March 2006 IEEE 802 Plenary Session (see Study Group Session Report)
Motion: Marks / Second: Kerry
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802 PARs For Approval
Roger Marks (
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards